Auditing user actions

Many years ago, whilst a pimply undergrad at University (studying Finance and Accounting....more fool me!) I bumped into the topic of Auditing.

It was in third year, so by that time I'd gotten all my drinking / girl chasing behind me and was just about ready to knuckle down and complete my degree,

To my great surprise, I ended up getting an A+ in this most boring of topics....

But what's this got to do with Fleetcutter? 

Well, we invested heaps of time in recording ("auditing") user actions in our back and front end.

For example, when one of our staff 'converts' a signup into an live member, this is recorded and can be accessed later to see what happened during the customers lifecycle.

Our 'organising princicple' around 'what to audit' is to record any interaction:
  • Likely to be the subject of fraud
  • Likely to be a valuable action, such as a sales call or an account upgrade
  • Likely to be requested to show a 'big picture' of whats happening with a member, account, car or location.

  • So far, we've used it when we've needed to - not often, but it allowed us to investigate particular actions that were causing us harm.

    "It's great if you need it - it's a bit like insurance" says Brooke Walsh, Operations manager of GoGet. "We had a...human problem.... and we needed to find out if someone was not doing what they said they were doing. The advanced auditing features meant we could get a real view on what actually happened."

    Having the ability to audit every user interaction - member or admin - is a critical requirement of any enterprise system.

    You might not think you need it right now - but you will if you get big.

    Is your system ready to solve problems of being big?
    Last Updated ( Tuesday, 27 November 2012 )
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