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FleetCutter: Full Service Car Share Technology


  • Full Suite of Advanced Fleet Management Tools
  • An online booking system with over 150 management reports. (IPhone compatible)
  • A driver self administration system, including SMS notifications.
  • Administration Modules for CRM, Invoicing, Fleet & Driver Management and Reporting.
  • Keyless vehicle access using secure RFID cards.
  • An onboard vehicle computer for remotely controlling vehicle security and event recording with GPS.



  • Efficient use of your vehicles - You'll need less cars to service the same number of drivers
  • Better Driver Management - drivers are more accountable for their driving behaviour
  • Tighter control - Improved vehicle accounting and cost attribution
  • Lower risks - you have better control over vehicle usage and access than a key based system
  • Reduced Premiums - Theft protection means decreased insurance premiums
  • Greater Convenience - logbook collection from your desktop

Current users include:

  • a 1000 car carshare fleet
  • a 25 car mixed rental/carshare fleet
  • a 70 car pooled council fleet
  • a 5 car carshare startup.

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Last Updated ( Friday, 12 February 2016 )
Our Software Testing Process - every 6 hours!

Ok folks - a boring, yet vital topic. Software testing methodology!

The most important requirements for our platform is reliability - we have over 25,000 people relying on our engine on a daily basis. For our main client, GoGet, a single days outage can mean losses in the tens of thousands of dollars. It's enough to give you gray hair!

Are you working for your Robot, or is it working for you?
Changing your existing technology platform is a big decision with many complex mini decisions to be made along the way.

However, at the heart of any IT decision is a question:

How much labour will the new system save (compared to a manual process)?