User Dashboards - for Administrators
Everyone loves a customisable dashboard - Fleetcutter loves them too! Over the years, we've realised that users love the familiar - and that we'll never be able to know whats important to each one (even though we might try!). We've been reading about user dashboards for years, and really thought it was about time our administrator users could design and organise their home screens however they like.

Today we released a new plugin which allows anything to be linked to our back end home screen in any order you like - according to user role. For example, we can set up a dashboard specific to our 'fleet team' or our 'member services team' - or even 'member services team leader'. And what's more - if you're a manager - you can co-mingle role dashboards so you can see every roles dashboard at once.

"It was a bit overwhelming at first" said Maddie F, member services member at GoGet. "But once I got the hang of it, my worklife became much easier. 80% of the time I really only use about 20% of the system's features, so its great to be able to put those important bits at the front and centre of my screen - I can handle calls faster and handle problems more effectively!"

One added benefit of the role based dashboards mean that when an employee transitions from one role to another, the 'important parts' of the system are already in place, front and centre of the screen. It means new employees can 'find their feet' faster and be more productive sooner.

"I can put any kind of link I want in there I want as well - I've got some links to Google Docs too, for the occasional thing we haven't fully automated yet - as well as links to our insurers claim portal" said Dylan T, loss controller at GoGet.

Fleetcutter run a full solution for carshare services, from hardware to software, and also looks after a number of pooled fleets owned by government agencies. We're developed sophisticated web based software and complex business systems that controls booking, billing. management and vehicle access for over 1000 vehicles used by more than 20,000 people in 4 different timezones.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 07 March 2012 )
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