Predictive Failure Logging

Today we released a new feature which is used to predict bookings that might fail. We call it Predictive Failure Logging - it lets our customer service and fleet teams know when one of our cars is having a problem. This means we can get on the front foot straight away and manage the problem before it happens.

We look at and anticipate a wide range of potential failures - telecommunications network related, flat battery related and location related issues - that spring up from time to time. We'll know if a car isnt where its supposed to be, if the battery is about to die and even if someone has left the lights on. If we know about the problem early enough, we get our fleet team to deal with it. If its too late, our customer service team will get in touch with the next user and manage the problem. Sometimes, its as simple as putting them into another car right besides the one with the problem!

Unlike other tech heavy solutions out there, we've chosen to put the focus on first fixing the customer's problem - rather than the car problem. When a driver is running late, and the car has a flat battery, all a driver needs to know is where the closest alternative car is. They don't need to know we've already dispatched our (closest) fleet team and that we've already diagnosed the cause (failing battery- it happens more than you'd think, even in new cars!). It's all part of our customer-centric ethos at Fleetcutter.

"This has saved me heaps of stressful conversations with customers" says Brooke Walsh, team leader of member services at GoGet Carshare. "I love it when I can get on the phone 5 minutes before someone's due to get to a problem car and tell them that we've sorted a problem they didn't even know they had - its great".

Fleetcutter manages the technology platform for Australia's largest carshare organisation, GoGet Carshare, and has a number of smaller carshare clients & pooled fleet clients as well. Employing some of Australia's smartest technologists, we've designed the hardware and software of a complete carshare solution that is used by over 20,000 people.

"This is a key technology for us" say Rob Dell'Aquila, CTO of Fleetcutter. "I really like pro-active technologies that slave away in the background, identifying and solving problems before they happen. I think GoGet are really happy with it."

Last Updated ( Friday, 02 March 2012 )
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