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Demographic Stats Integration

We figured it was time we answered the question "What makes a good carshare location?"... With some code, of course......

Demographic statistics (in Australia, at least) are easy to come by. Integrating them into your business with rules and systems is a lot more difficult, but we thought we'd give it a go.

We've just released a new reporting feature which integrates ABS post code statistics into our location monitoring and planning framework. Yield (or marketing) managers can view a map with detailed demographic statistics on it overlaid with our vehicle locations and integrated into our live customer database.

We developed these screens and reports with a view to making it easier to decide where to locate vehicles, how many vehicles to put there, and whether or not a car should be moved. The process and algorithm itself is quite confidential, but the plugin makes it intuitive and gives you information at a glance.

"I use it all the time" says Richard Tourino, marketing manager of GoGet. "If I'm trying to get a network effect, I need to know where the gaps are and whether or not anyone will actually use the car!".

Fleetcutter integrated the solution with Google maps API - providing dynamic location mapping - but we manually loaded in the raw demographic stats we needed. In Australia, the census only occurs once every 10 years - we are waiting with bated breath for the 2011 results to come through in march.

"What this means is that the system is flexible enough to do it for any market" says Nic Lowe Co Founder of GoGet (and Fleetcutter). "If you can get the raw stats, you can load them into our system, and we can run our rules over them."

Fleetcutter and GoGet have developed proprietary business rules regarding location optimisation for carshare and pooled vehicle fleets. These business rules are based on statistical analysis of historical data and use a number of simple and robust variables that have been tested in the real world with our own money.

i.e. - They work.

Last Updated ( Friday, 02 March 2012 )
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