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Dispatch tool - on the road with GoGet
Our fleet team are always out and about on the road - so we thought we'd try to help them with some location enabled technology. Our new dispatch platform shows our fleet team the closest jobs to their location, and allows them to find (and work on) jobs close by from any mobile device.  If you're out on the road with our fleet team, you'll notice they don't dart about from area to area in any random way - they always try to finish as many jobs as they can in the one area. Why? Well, it's simply more efficient that way - time spent travelling to different locations is wasted time, and if you can finish all the jobs in one area before starting on another - then you've done a good job.

Fleet team members simply log in using a mobile device, and then 'take' jobs close to their location. They can also plan their day more effectively by choosing a remote location and taking all the jobs in that area. In the past, the fleet team would want to know where the closest open job to their location is (open means no-one else has taken the job) - which meant a phone call to HQ - now they simply look online and the closest job is shown to them.

"It makes it more efficient all round." says Brian Giang, senior fleet team member, "I know if I'm in the boondocks (having just finished a job there) that I can simply find the next closest open job - I do less random driving around and get more jobs complete. Often I'll knock of a job or two on the way home if I have time."

Instead of turning up to HQ and getting a paper based work plan, fleet team members can plan where they start their day then simply take more jobs as they have time - all done without zig zagging across the city.

"I like it because its a little organic, and it lets the fleet team organise their own day" said Nic Lowe, co Founder of Fleetcutter. "It means they haven't got some guy sitting in head office telling them what to do, organising their day - they already know what they've got to do, just by simply being in a location!".

This is a very simple app which makes the team really happy. Fleetcutter is committed to providing simple location services to all our customers, whether they be end users of carshare system, fleet managers/teams or marketing/yield managers. For more information , book a consultation with us.

Last Updated ( Friday, 02 March 2012 )
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