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Driver Multiview
Sometimes you just need to see what a person did, from A-Z, from beginning to end, in every part of your organisation. So, we wrote a 'multiview' plugin which aggregates all driver actions in a timeline for every part of the business. it combines a number of database tables across different applications and joins them together with the driver as the glue -  so you dont have to. We're allowing users to choose what aspects of the drivers actions to report on - our fleet team have different needs than our marketing team - so you can customise which tables you want to view. It's more than 'auditing' - we've already got that - and its designed to glue our different systems together.

For example, if a cars gone missing, or a driver's gone AWOL, this single view can help you determine when we last we're in touch with the driver, whether its by SMS, email or a phone call. It integrates with the auditing platform to show you a timeline of what exactly happened and when.

"It's useful on the rare occasions when something goes badly wrong" said Eugene, accounts manager at GoGet. "It means I can quickly get an overview of the driver's actions and figure out a timeline of events. I can customise event types by color and hide ones that are of no interest to me - I like that."

We're still adding more relationships and tables to this plugin, and it's being improved as we add new features to the system.

Last Updated ( Friday, 02 March 2012 )
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