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Today we released a couple of 'workload' dashboards which allow our fleet and member services teams to see, at a glance, how much work they've got in the pipeline. This means they'll know instantly if they're chronically understaffed and or whether they can sit back and relax. Each team leader can give tasks (of any type) a time budget, then see in a second how many hours of work they've got ahead to clear the task queue.

For example, we manage a huge number of vehicle incidents - everything from needing to take a picture of a car for damage (20 minutes), changing a tyre (25 minutes) to changing or improving the location description online for the vehicle (5 minutes). Managing a large fleet team means we've got to know at all times how much work is in the queue - just in case someone calls in sick, or there are a rash of flat batteries (it happens when the seasons change!). Our fleet manager can look at the fleet workload and determine, with a glance, whether he or she needs more or less staff to fix the problems we're solving.

Our ticket queue, used by our member services team, automatically classifies inbound emails and enquiries into 3 or 4 basic types - some harder than others - and we can tell at a glance how long it will take to clear the queue. This is used often during busy periods to 'triage' our responses to member queries.

"This has been a great help for me," says Tristan Sender, CEO of GoGet. "It means I can tell whether our different teams are really busy and under the hammer, or just cruising. It lets me see whether or not staff have any spare capacity to do extra, more valuable tasks or whether we simply need to be focusing on the basics right now."

When Fleetcutter was founded, we decided that although in-car technology is kinda sexy, our main development focus should be on drivers rather than vehicles. With a typical carshare organisation running between 20-40 drivers per car, we knew that most savings would come from managing drivers properly, rather than focusing on the cars. This plugin emphasises that focus.

"I like it because everyone always complains about being too busy - now I know they are, for sure!" says Brooke Waarner, Member Services Manager of GoGet.

The workload plugin integrates with an open source email ticket management system and our internal systems, and we hope it will make carshare and fleet managers lives easier.

Last Updated ( Friday, 02 March 2012 )
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