New Pricing - New Units only $250!

We've just announced a fantastic range of competitive pricing plans for our carshare and pooled fleet product.

Our telematic units, the core component of our carshare solution, have drastically reduced in price (we purchased thousands of them, and are passing the savings onto you).

You might also want to know that we also updated the functionality of our units to add GPS and improved GPRS connectivity.

We think we've got the best, most affordable carshare technology solution on the planet - what do you think?

Check out our new pricing here .  

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 25 July 2012 )
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Our Software Testing Process - every 6 hours!

Ok folks - a boring, yet vital topic. Software testing methodology!

The most important requirements for our platform is reliability - we have over 25,000 people relying on our engine on a daily basis. For our main client, GoGet, a single days outage can mean losses in the tens of thousands of dollars. It's enough to give you gray hair!

Incident Reporting

We recently released (and improved) a new version of our incident tracking system for our fleet. It designed to be used across business units, from member services to fleet to management to loss control. It radically improves control and accountability for 'things that happen' in a carshare service - and believe me, things happen a lot