Are you working for your Robot, or is it working for you?
Changing your existing technology platform is a big decision with many complex mini decisions to be made along the way.

However, at the heart of any IT decision is a question:

How much labour will the new system save (compared to a manual process)?

Simply put, an IT system that runs your organisation is a ROBOT and should be treated as such.

Robots are labour saving devices - and the decision to implement one should be based on a sound cost / benefit analysis.

Fleetcutters Robots:
To measure how effective your current system is, simply calculate the number of cars per full time employee in your organisation. For example, if you have 100 cars and 10 employees, your ratio is 10 cars per employee. The higher the ratio, the harder your system Robot is working for you..

Our main Customer, GoGet Carshare, consistently tops benchmark metrics with the highest car to employee ratio by the Carshare Association of North America.

How hard is your Robot working for you?
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 22 January 2013 )
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Our Software Testing Process - every 6 hours!

Ok folks - a boring, yet vital topic. Software testing methodology!

The most important requirements for our platform is reliability - we have over 25,000 people relying on our engine on a daily basis. For our main client, GoGet, a single days outage can mean losses in the tens of thousands of dollars. It's enough to give you gray hair!

Driver Multiview
Sometimes you just need to see what a person did, from A-Z, from beginning to end, in every part of your organisation. So, we wrote a 'multiview' plugin which aggregates all driver actions in a timeline for every part of the business. it combines a number of database tables across different applications and joins them together with the driver as the glue -  so you dont have to.